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Michelle Golz, DVM

Dr. Michelle Golz joined our practice in 2020. Her passion for animals began in her childhood, leading her to pursue a degree in Zoology. Although she originally accomplished half of a master's degree

and planned on attaining a PhD, Dr. Golz realized that she wanted a more hands-on approach in making a difference in the lives of both animals and humans. This inspired her to change her educational path towards veterinary medicine. She then went on to completed veterinary school at ________________.

Within the field of veterinary medicine, Dr. Golz has a special interest in both Internal Medicine and Ultrasonography. She has completed courses in both soft tissue imaging and echocardiography to further her knowledge and expertise in ultrasound technology.

Although she grew up in the South Chicago suburbs, Dr. Golz currently resides in the Northern suburbs with her husband, John, who is a self-proclaimed "board game geek".  Dr. Golz is the proud owner of two cats, Jack and Jasmine, as well as an energetic black Labrador Retriever named Libby.  In her leisure time, you may find Dr. Golz knitting or playing board games with John. She also enjoys spending time with her extended family who live nearby, watching movies, and visiting the local dog park to let Libby burn off some energy with a game of fetch.

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