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For booking call 847-381-4100 or email our trainers at

Puppy Preschool


Mondays at 5:30p

  • 6 week course

  • For puppies up to 5 months old

  • Intro to basics

  • Focuses on exposure, socialization, and confidence building.

Beginner Manners


Tuesdays @ 5:15p
Thursdays @6:30p

  • 6 week course

  • For dogs 5 months and older 

  • You and your dog work on basic manners, obedience, and common undesired behaviors.

Private Training

$100 per session

Tuesdays/Thursdays by appointment
Minimum of 6 sessions required for sign up

  • All ages

  • Customizable training plan

Learn & Play


any daycare package

Tuesdays/Thursdays by appointment

Training plus daycare package

  • 10 sessions total

  • Customizable training plan

  • All ages

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday

    • Tuesdays- our certified trainer will take your dog out of daycare to work on the customized training plan.

    • Thursdays you will join our trainer and your canine for a private training lesson.

Loose Leash Walking Class


Fridays @ 6:30p

  • 6 week course

Victory Vet Visit


Tuesdays @ 6:30p

  • 4 week course

  • For dogs up to 5 months

  • Focuses on exposure and habituation to common vet equipment and handling such as: 

    • Ear and paw handling​

    • Stepping on a scale

    • Listen to with a stethascope

    • Mock vaccine pokes

    • and more!

Payment/Cancellations: Animal Care Center of Barrington charges for training by the class/session per dog- no additional dog discounts. Owner agrees to pay the rate for training in effect on the day the pet begins training or before class begins. Owner may receive a full refund if requests to cancel before the first training class begins. Owner will receive half of the original payment if cancelled after the first training class. Owner will not receive a refund if cancelling after attending the second training class. 

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