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Emergency Services

In sudden and alarming situations, we understand your pet needs immediate attention. If you think it’s an emergency, we think it’s an emergency. Please do not hesitate to call Animal Care Center anytime, or bring your pet for an exam and advice during business hours. Some common conditions your pet may experience during an emergency include:

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  • Difficulty breathing

  • Acute collapse

  • Bloated abdomen

  • Pallor or pale gums

  • Inability to walk

  • Ingestion of object or toxin

  • Bleeding

  • Trauma

  • Difficulty giving birth

If your pet needs after-hours care, we can refer you to an emergency clinic nearby including:

Veterinary Specialty Center

1515 Busch Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL


Premier Veterinary Group

1810 E. Belvedere Rd.
Grayslake, IL


Companion Animal Specialty & Emergency Service

1095 Pingree Rd, Ste 120
Crystal Lake, IL


BluePearl Pet Hospital

820 W. Frontage Rd.
Northfield, IL


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