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Wellness and Prevention

Like us, pets must maintain a healthy lifestyle with routine doctor visits to live a long and vibrant life. With open hearts and minds, we offer expert guidance through biannual exams to end-of-life care.

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There’s no need to guess with the right testing and screening. In our full-service, state-of-the-art lab, we offer in-house diagnostics and radiology to provide immediate results when you need them most.

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Our surgeons are highly skilled in routine and advanced procedures including orthopedic surgery. We approach every surgery with professionalism, care and safety for your pet.

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Dental Procedures

Routine dental care contributes to the overall health of your pet. Our staff is highly experienced in dental procedures, radiographs and extractions, plus, our Barrington location offers unique, advanced dental care with our dental specialists.

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A grooming visit at Animal Care Center is more than a day at the spa. Our specialists will examine your pet from nose to tail during the grooming process.


Boarding & Daycare

Feel safe knowing your pets are in the best care while you are away at vacation or work. We offer group play, private suites, and more!

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Our experienced trainers can help you and your dog work on basic manners, obedience, common undesired behaviors, and more! With multiple age and class levels there is sure to be a course that fits your pets needs.

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Emergency Services

Help is just a phone call away. We are available to see your pet urgently during business hours or can refer you to neighboring hospitals that are open on nights and weekends.


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