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Because your pet can’t tell us what’s wrong, sometimes we must look below the surface to detect problems. Animal Care Center offers full-service, in-house diagnostics and radiology for immediate answers, plus reference laboratory services off site for wellness and advanced screening.

  • In-house bloodwork
    Complete blood count and chemistry to detect kidney disease, diabetes, anemia, thyroid problems, electrolyte imbalances or hydration status

  • In-house urinalysis
    Detects urinary tract infections, kidney and endocrine disorders

  • In-house cytology
    Used to diagnose ear infections and skin problems

  • Reference laboratory

  • Routine annual wellness bloodwork including heartworm tests

  • Fecal analysis to rule out stool parasites

  • Cytology and biopsy reports, often to diagnose tumors or cancers

  • In-house digital radiology
    X-rays taken within seconds to diagnose a variety of systemic diseases including:

    • Cardiac or pulmonary disease

    • Foreign objects in the stomach or intestines

    • Bladder stones

    • Bone fractures

    • Arthritis

    • Gastric dilatation and volvulus (life-threatening flipped stomach)

  • In-house digital dental radiology
    While under anesthesia for dental work, your pet can also get full-mouth X-rays to diagnose:

    • Tooth fractures

    • Tooth root abscesses

    • Retained baby teeth

    • Bone loss under the gum line

    • Bone tumors

  • In-house ultrasound
    Ultrasound is used to image soft tissue structures to look for tumors, internal bleeding, fluid pockets, heart disease and more. This is especially useful in patients who are sick or suddenly very ill.

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