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A groomer can be a vital advocate for your pet’s health. For some pets, grooming is a luxury. For others—with matted fur that causes skin and ear problems—grooming can be a medical necessity. We are often alerted to medical issues from our experienced groomer! During a groom with Animal Care Center, your pet receives:

  • Bath and dry

  • Brushout

  • Haircut

  • Teeth brushing

  • Nail trim/file

Some dogs and cats need sedation for grooming. We have the unique ability to provide this service for our clients with anxious pets, who otherwise wouldn’t be groomed. Vaccines and exams are also allowed at the time of the groom. Have it all done in the same visit!

Required Vaccinations

Required vaccinations for grooming are:



Bordetella (dogs only)

Pet not up to date?

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